Popular Florida pizza chain temporarily shut down for live roaches crawling in the kitchen

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by Doug Powell

I have nostalgic memories of Clearwater, because my grand parents owned a place there, but after being in Australia for four years, the other beaches seem sorta small.

hungrey.howiesAnd last time I was in Clearwater, Florida, it seemed sorta dumpy.

Hungry Howies at 1884 Drew St. in Clearwater had to temporarily close up shop and stop serving food for several hours after what the state found behind the kitchen doors.

On July 23 inspectors saw over 35 live roaches crawling all around the kitchen.

The state observed roaches crawling between the wall and grease trap located beneath the three-compartment sink, near the reach-in cooler and hand wash sink.

Other violations documented include build-up of food debris, dust or dirt on the floor fan, ceiling tiles and vents, a hole in the back door and another hole in the wall behind the mixer, pizza to-go boxes stored on the floor and food not properly marked with dates.

In addition, there was no proof employees had the required state approved food safety training.

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