Dominican style Restaurant closed by Boston BOH

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The Boston MA department of health has posted the following restaurant closure on its website.


*** Food Contact Surfaces Clean
Comments: provide a sanitizer and test kit for three compartment sink

* Wiping Cloths, Clean, Sanitize
Comments: provide containers with sanitizer for all wiping cloths through-out counter area, all prep and cooking areas

* Non-Food Contact Surfaces Clean
Comments: clean exterior of grease locker outback clean all shelves through-out all prep/cooking area (dirty/rusted), all stock areas and basement area clean interior/exterior of all floor freezers through-out basement area clean grease trap in basement

* Installed and Maintained
Comments: repair all hot water faucets at handwash sink behind counter area, three compartment sink and handwash sink in kitchen/warewashing areas

* Hand Cleaner, Drying, Tissue, Signage
Comments: provide papertowels and soap dispenser at handwash sink behind counter area provide a handwash sign, papertowels and soap dispenser at handwash sink in kitchen/warewashing area

* Improper Maintenance of Floors
Comments: clean floor under, behind and between all equipment and shelves through-out counter/serving areas, all prep areas, all cooking areas, warewashing area, all stock areas and basement area clean floor through-out basement area

* Improper Maintenance of Walls/Ceilings
Comments: paint all bare wood through-out counter area

* Rooms and Equipment Vented
Comments: -both hood needs to be inspcted – asap

* Premises Maintained
Comments: clean ground through-out rear of bldg. clean ground surrounding grease locker ground covered with grease and debris through-out remove all milk crates from through-out kitchen area – return to owner remove all un-necessary articles and un-used equipment through-out basement area

*** PIC Performing Duties
Comments: provide a serv-safe cetificate in tizokis mejia name – asap

*** = Critical Foodborne Illness
** = Critical
* = Non Critical

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