Famous Allston, MA donut shop closed by BOH for flies, mice

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Boston MA Board of Health closed the following restaurant for health code violations.

Inspection Date: 8/20/2015

***Cold Holding
Comments: The sandwich refrigerator in the front is not working properly; the ham is 62F, and the sausage is between 65F -67F. Provide proper cold holding of 41F or below. When the manager arrived he was able to discard the items.

*Food Protection
Comments: The ice machine is next to the sewer line in the basement and the area is uncovered. Provide protection for the ice in the basement.

*Food Contact Surfaces Design
Comments: There is chipping paint on the mixer. Resurface to provide a smooth, cleanable, durable surface that will not contaminate any food products with chipped paint.

***Food Contact Surfaces Clean
Comments: There is no sanitizer reading in the low temperature dishwasher. Provide proper sanitizer levels to be sure that equipment is being cleaned and sanitized.

**Food Contact Surfaces Clean
Comments: Unsanitary conditions throughout. Clean all food contact surfaces such as donut fillers, bulk food containers, and all other equipment to remove sticky food encrustments.

**Non-Food Contact Surfaces Clean
Comments: Unsanitary conditions. Clean all counters, shelving and bakery racks to remove sticky food encrustments.

*Installed and Maintained
Comments: There is a leak under the three compartment sink and a leak from plumbing in the kitchen that is leakingall over the basement stairs. Repair all plumbing issues. There is a break in the sewer line that is causing the fly and rodent infestation. Repair.

*Adequate Number, Frequency, Vermin ProofComments:
The trash containers inside the establishment are uncovered. Cover when not in use.<

**Insects, Rodents, Animals
Comments: There is an infestation of flies mice at the establishment. The pipe to the main sewer line is broken and the landlord needs to fix it but today there is a hole in the basement and a lot of fly and mouse activity.

*Improper Maintenance of Floors
Comments: The floor behind the proofer and coffin freezers in the kitchen is soiled with food debris and rodent droppings. Clean to remove.

*Improper Maintenance of Walls/Ceilings
Comments: There is peeling paint above the back door. Scrape loose paint and provide a smooth, cleanable, durable surface.

*Soiled Linen Storage
Comments: There are fruit flies on the used wiping cloths. Store soiled linens properly to eliminate flies and pests.

***Person in charge Assigned
Comments: The certified manager was not on site at the start of the inspection. The manager came over and was able to take some corrective actions but they own three restaurants and the certified manager is dividing his time between the establishments. Provide certified managers at each location and make sure the manager is properly training the staff in food safety.

*** = Critical Foodborne Illness
** = Critical
* = Non Critical

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