Granola Bars Recall Update

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Update: Stop & Shop and Giant have posted the following information on their websites:

PRODUCT RECALL: Sam Mills Chocolate Chip Granola Bar

Recall Date: Aug 21, 2015

Sam Mills Chocolate Chip Granola Bar – 4.4 OZ
UPC: 89766000279
Codes: ONLY Lot Codes – 02252016, 11202015, 06062015, 06172015, 06052015, 08272015, 02122016, 02132016, 02122016, 10202015

Concerned customers may return any product for a full refund.

Recall information: This product is being recalled because the product labeling states dairy free when it in fact should state may contain traces of dairy.

Price Chopper has posted the following recall on its website:

Recall: Sam Mills Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Granola Bars 4.4 oz
Recall Date: Aug. 20, 2015
Batch/UPC Code: 89766 000279
Reason for Recall: Sam Mills is recalling this product because it was incorrectly labeled as dairy free when it may contain traces of milk. If you do not have a milk allergy, there is no health risk. If you have the affected product, you may return it to your local Price Chopper for a full refund. For more information, please call Sam Mills at 561-572-0510.

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