11,000+ cases of Granola Bars Recalled

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Sam Mills USA LLC is recalling approximately 11,083 cases of – 4.4 ounce boxes of Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Granola Bars because of a risk of cross contamination with Dairy. The recall is being initiated because the Sam Mills Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Granola Bar packaging states that this is a Dairy free product and in fact it should be labeled that in “May contain Traces of Dairy”.

All lots codes of Sam Mills Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Granola Bars received in the US from December 18, 2014 to July 23, 2015 should be pulled from all retail store shelves immediately.

Lot Code Exp Date
10202014 10202015
11202014 11202015
12082014 12082015
12082014 12082015
02172015 02172016
02122015 02122016
02252015 02252016
02132015 02132016
02122015 02122016
04212015 04212016
04212015 04212016
06162015 06162016

It was determined that there is risk of cross contamination with a dairy product. This recall does not affect any other Sam Mills Gluten Free products.

Consumers who have purchased the product and are allergic to dairy should not eat this product. Consumers should return the product to the store where the product was purchased for a full refund. Consumers and Media can also call Sam Mills USA LLC 561-572-0510 for more information, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. If your call is received by our after hour’s voice mail please leave your name, and phone number and we will return your call will returned every three hours between 9 a.m. and 12 a.m. EST of the next business day.

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