Cookies Recalled for Lead

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Anhing Corporation of Los Angeles, CA is recalling ABC Cookies Banh Chu it imported due to an elevated level of lead. ABC Cookies Banh Chu is made in Vietnam.

Anhing Corporation learned on August 12, 2015, from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), that the ABC Cookies contained lead in excess of the California State requirements.  Anhing Corporation immediately quarantined the remaining inventory of the ABC Cookies and is notifying 4 retailers in California who received 4 cartons (total 96 jars) to stop selling and for consumers not to eat these cookies.

The ABC Cookies Banh Chu is contained in a plastic jar shaped and painted as a cat’s face. The bottle has a red lid that contains a paper label with a picture of the cookies the name “ABC Cookies Banh Chu” the Caravelle brand logo, the ingredient declaration, the net weight, and the name and address of Anhing Corporation. Each jar contains 7 ounces of cookies.

Recent analysis of the ABC Cookies by CDPH revealed that each cookie contained a lead level of 0.13 ppm and 13 ppm per labeled serving size. Sale of these cookies are prohibited in the State of California.

Consumers in possession of packages of ABC Cookies should not eat them and should return the cookies to the place of purchase.

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