Boston MA Chinese food restaurant closed by BOH: rodents, raw sewage

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The Boston, MA board of health has posted the following restaurant closure:

Inspection Date: 9/24/2015

Status Code Violation Description Location
** Violation 28-5-402.13 Sewage and Waste WaterComments:
Observed raw sewage leeking from waste pipe in the basement. Remove all raw sewage from basement floor. Provide reciepts from professional cleaning company.
* Violation 29-5-201/02.11 Installed and MaintainedComments:
repair leaking sewage line in the basement.
** Violation 35-6-501.111/.115 Insects, Rodents, AnimalsComments:
remove evidence of rodent droppings from floor of basement. Provide extermination service and provide reports that detail plans for dealing with the rodent issue. Repair screen to back door. Screen material is detached from back door. Keep back door closed until screen is repaired to keep pests out of this establishment.
* Violation 42-6-501.113/.114 Premises MaintainedComments:
remove all unecssary items stored in the basement. Cleanout basement and remove all items that have nothing to do with the day to day operation of this establishment


*** = Critical Foodborne Illness
** = Critical
* = Non Critical

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