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Introducing Viver Health Pocket Guides


Empowerment through Health Education

Viver Pocket Health Guides empower you to reduce the risk of disease by integrating healthy food choices with good daily habits. With good food, exercise, and less stress, you can make yourself whole.

Vicki Barghout, Viver Health Founder, was leading cutting-edge cancer research in the pharmaceutical industry when she was diagnosed with breast cancer the day before her second daughter was born. Her mission now is to teach how basic practices with food and good daily habits can help support a strong and healthy body when combined with modern science. Don’t miss Monday’s show to hear her inspirational story!

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pockethealthguide01Viver Pocket Health Guides provide essential information on healthy choices. They are concise and easy to understand. Photos, charts, and infographics explain the 5 simple steps that can boost your health.
Viver Pocket Health Guides are based on extensive scientific research and proven results. The guides have been endorsed by top health experts.

Dr. Beth Baughman DuPree MD, FACS, ABIHM

Breast Cancer Surgeon, Medical Director of the Breast Health Program Holy Redeemer Health System, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Surgery University of Pennsylvania.

pockethealthguide02“Viver’s Reduce Your Risk of Cancer contains the MOST important information that I give to my patients, whether they have had cancer or are at risk for cancer. It is a scientifically-based 5-step plan for total nutrition presented as a concise, digestible guide. As a breast cancer surgeon and an integrative physician, I recommend that all women follow Viver’s 5-Step program to bring balance to their lives.

Food is our best medicine! My copy of Reduce Your Risk of Cancer lives in my purse and so should yours!”

Viver Pocket Health Guides are simple to use and portable. Take it with you, and use it as a reference wherever you go.

Viver Pocket Health Guides are water-resistant, tear-proof, and printed on recycled paper.
A portion of our proceeds go to nonprofit organizations that advocate health education.

Become empowered with Viver Pocket Health Guides. Buy today.



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