Waldorf Astoria Hotel Kitchen Closed for Fly Infestation by Health Dept.

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by Noah Hurowitz

Inspectors shut down a kitchen at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel on Monday after finding a fly infestation and other code violations, a department spokeswoman said.

MIDTOWN — A banquet kitchen at the Waldorf Astoria hotel was shut down by the Health Department on Monday when inspectors discovered it was overridden with flies.

One of eight banquet kitchens at the tony 301 Park Ave. hotel was forced to close for violations including presence of filth flies, storing food at unsafe temperatures and failure to protect food from potential contamination, according to online records.

The hotel was reinspected and allowed to reopen on Wednesday, according to the DOH.

Waldorf Astoria New York has four restaurants and bars that remained open while that particular kitchen was closed, according to a spokesman for the hotel.

The hotel has 40 banquet rooms for parties with up to 1,500 guests. Recent events included a Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame ceremony that took place on Tuesday night, where attendees included Kathie Lee Gifford, Dr. Phil, Al Sharpton and other high-profile guests.

source: http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20151021/midtown/waldorf-astoria-hotel-kitchen-closed-for-fly-infestation-by-health-dept

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