Human DNA in hot dogs

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We’ve got some unpleasant news about one of America’s favorite foods: A new report out about hot dogs found HUMAN DNA in samples of several major brands.

Clear Foods uses special technology to analyze foods at a molecular level, ingredient by ingredient. When it looked at 345 hot dog and sausage products from 75 brands and 10 retailers, the company says it found “human DNA in 2% of the samples, and in 2/3rds of the vegetarian samples.”

More bad news for vegetarians: 10 percent of all those products appeared to contain meat. It makes you wonder – is it even worth it anymore?

As for the human dna part: this doesn’t mean small bits of people are falling into the meat processors at factories. This is likely due to hygiene problems — which doesn’t make us feel any better.

Seeing as how —between Memorial Day and Labor Day, about 7 billion hot dogs will be consumed in the U.S.

But Clear Foods did find a few brands that produced high quality meat. Butterball, McCormick, Eckrich and Hebrew National received top scores.


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