Introducing – AeroGlove dispensing system

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Introducing  AEROGLOVE

A Touch-Free, Sanitary Glove Solution


Hankscraft Inc., an award winning, Wisconsin based company, is proud to announce the rollout of the AeroGlove.  AeroGlove is a new product that will revolutionize the disposable glove market.

What is the AeroGlove?

AeroGlove is a poly glove dispensing system that opens the glove with a puff of air, allowing the user to insert their hand without touching any surfaces. The Aeroglove is ideal for the food service industry or any other application that requires frequent, sanitary changing of gloves. The system is extremely efficient and encourages employees to change their gloves as needed.

Keep items and yourself both clean and sanitary

The AeroGlove™ automated glove dispenser is great for:

USES_IMAGE• Food Service Kitchens
• Quick Service Locations
• Restaurants
• Restrooms (handle contamination)
• Doctor / Dental Offices
• Hospitals
• Liquid Handling
• First Aid Locations

How the AeroGlove works.

The AeroGlove system is easy to use. After passing your hand over a sensor to activate the unit; you simply insert your hand into the glove and continue with your next task.

Motion sensor technology drives a burst of air into the top layer glove, making it easy to apply the gloves while avoiding the need to dig into a glove box and contaminate glove surfaces with your hands. In addition, our anti-microbial housing resists the buildup of germs on the surface.

The innovative AeroGlove system is Fast, Easy and Clean.

Contact AeroGlove at (608) 524-4341 for more information.

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