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It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

The holidays are an exciting time!  Family, travel, food and libations take priority over the work and family life that we maintain throughout the year. We wonder what quirky Uncle Wayne and the other relatives may have up their sleeves on Thanksgiving. How are we going to cram everyone into smaller quarters? Taking that third piece of mom’s pumpkin pie (without anyone noticing) and seeing the newest babies are top priorities.

506ae98bdbd0cb307100171f._w.1500_s.fit_The LAST thing that most of us are worried about is taking the precautions for safe meal preparation.   Hardly anyone wants to spend time thinking about the journey that the turkey made from the field (or more likely food manufacturing plant) to your table.

The bleak reality remains that regardless of whether this IS a priority, 1 in 6 Americans will contract some sort of foodborne illness (according to the CDC) over the course of a year. That is why understanding how the turkey came from humble origins to become the centerpiece of your celebration is  important to consider.

KitchenSinkFor the people at home, being mindful of your food prep practices and making sure to clean your sinks before you wash the turkey, and wash your fruits and vegetables to be sure to wash off the pesticides and other chemicals that are used throughout the supply chain to keep your produce microbe free, and looking fresh before you consume the chemicals.

Purosphere’s Goals

Purosphere’s goal is to reduce the spread of pathogens and play our part in helping to keep people healthy. We are urging food processing plants, health care systems, food service providers and fitness facilities to evaluate our new sanitation solutions. We believe that by evaluating and changing to a more modern and impactful sanitation method, companies can bridge the critical gap between infection and health, decrease the chance of listeria outbreaks and animals being infected with staph infections in our supply chain thus putting humans at risk of infection.

Purosphere for Manufacturers and Food Service Professionals

For  manufacturers and food service professionals, Purosphere is here to bring you a solution for surfaces with our liquid solution, air, cracks and crevices with our gas format, and even water lines by adding a pre-measured amount to your systems to prevent microbial growth in closed systems. This state-of-the-art, easy to use and apply technology truly is the future of pure bringing your turkeys surroundings to 99.9999% clean and is FDA and EPA registered.

Consumers, if you are reading this blog, you are already on the right track to food safety. Check us out on our website at www.purosphere.com, and please, send us a message with any questions or feedback. You too can help by urging your suppliers to explore advances being made to prevent the spread of infectious disease, asking your local gym and grocery what cleaning supplies they use, and most of all, have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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