Masago Lake Smelt Roe Recalled

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Los Angeles, CA-Ocean Group, Inc. of Los Angeles, CA is recalling Ocean brand Masago Lake Smelt Roe product because product labels failed to declare food allergens Wheat and/or Soy, in their ingredient statements. Recalled product is identified as follows:

Masago Lake Smelt Roe is a 6.0 oz. clear cup with the red marking “MASAGO” label on the top and the lid and the Nutrition Facts on the side of the cup.

Consumers in possession of this product should not eat them, rather product should be returned to the place of purchase.

Ocean Group, Inc. will be sending recall notices to all of its direct customers . Please call Kurt Kim at (213) 272-2758 for further information.

Product Photos

  • Product top lid label, Masago, NET WT 6 OZ.
  • Product Nutrition Facts label

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