Heath inspector commissioner dines at re-opened Chipotle in Brighton, MA

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by Susan Reef, President US Food Safety

There are other places and better places to dine at lunch in Boston than Chipotle, especially one that was closed for a norovirus outbreak. Today, Boston Inspectional Services Department Commissioner William Christopher did just that. He wanted to show he was confident that it was safe to eat there.

He was joined by his chief of staff, Indira Alvarez.

According to The Boston Globe, Christopher stuck to his current carb-free diet, ordering a bowl with steak, chicken, peppers, onions, and lettuce. “The food was wonderful,” he said. “There were no side effects or anything.”

Seriously? Chipotle, wonderful? Maybe he should become a brand ambassador.

“We are pleased to see that the Cleveland Circle Chipotle has taken the necessary steps to meet the health code standards put forth by the City of Boston to protect consumers,” Christopher said in a statement.

Christopher said the reason for the visit was to show that he stands behind the latest inspection by his department. “They did a good job cleaning the place, and I want to let people know that I have confidence to go there and eat,” he added. “I just felt it was the right thing to do.”

He said he had eaten at a Chipotle before, but had not been to the chain in years. “I wouldn’t say I’m a regular, but I may become one now. It was good.”

On one local news broadcast, it was said that every employee had to take a food sanitation class. That is not the law in Massachusetts, rather it is the manager on duty and just the manager.

It was good PR for Chipotle. College kids will eat where it is cheap and save the money for beer.

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