Asian restaurant closed by Boston MA BOH

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The Boston MA BOH has closed the following restaurant for critical foodborne illness violations.

BOSTON MA. 02111

Description Location
*** Hot HoldingComments: hot hold of egg rolls @ 125f , ensure proper hot hold of 140f or above hot hold case at front counter
*** Cold HoldingComments: 1. pork sitting on counter at 70f, ensure proper cold hold of 41f or below (chef discarded unsfe foods at time of inspection) 2. white fish sitiing on counter at 50f, ensure proper cold hold of 41f or below 1-2 basement prep
* PHF’s Properly ThawedComments: white fish thawing in stagnant water, thaw properly under cold running water or under refrigeration Basement prep
*** Separation, Segregation, Cross ContaminationComments: raw foods sitting over ready to eat foods, store properly to avoid cross contamination walk-in cooler
* Food Utensil StorageComments: food utensils stored in stagnant water, store clean and dry kitchen and downstairs prep
* Food Contact Surfaces DesignComments:
bare wood on counter top, seal or paint
end of cooking line
* Non-Food Contact Surfaces CleanComments: 1. Glass door of true upright with soils, clean to remove 2. Doors to walk-ins and walk-in freezer with heavy soils 1. Main Kitchen 2. basement storage
*** Hot and Cold WaterComments:
No hot water at hand sinks in main kitchen, supply
main kitchen on street level
** Cross Connection, Back Siphonage, BackflowComments: no back flow on hose in basement, supply under 3 bay sink
*** Location, AccessibleComments: Hand sinks throughout main cooking kitchen blocked by equipment, remove equipment to allow access to properly wash hands Main kitchen
** Insects, Rodents, AnimalsComments:fruit flies in basement, clean to remove Basement
* Improper Maintenance of FloorsComments: 1. Stairs to basement with heavy grease build up, clean to remove 2. pooling water on basement floor, clean to remove 1. basement stairs 2. basement
* Improper Maintenance of Walls/CeilingsComments: 1. walls through out kitchen with soils, clean to remove 2. walls in basement with heavy soils, clean to remove 3. hood vents and piping with grease build up, clean to remove 1. Main Kitchen 2. basement 3. main cooking line
*** = Critical Foodborne Illness
** = Critical
* = Non Critical

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