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Purosphere, food safetyAhh, a delicious glass of wine during the holidays.  What a relaxing luxury to put us in the spirit of giving. Purosphere is excited to have the opportunity to offer products that allow us to foster wine production and grape cultivation.  Pure Chlorine Dioxide and premium Biochar can offer a number of benefits into the wine industry, and we are excited to be here to help with some age defiant industry challenges.

Pure Chlorine Dioxide and the wine industry

Pure Chlorine Dioxide offers the wine industry a unique solution by providing an organic, eco-friendly product that can be used to sanitize and eliminate sediment build-up in process lines.  It is non-corrosive and can be used to sanitize bottles, barrels and process lines.  Chlorine dioxide in water treatment facilities is not a new trick, but traditional chlorine dioxide is not made equal.  The traditional technology does not compare to this easy-to-use and effective solution.  The solution is simple, and can revolutionize wine taste, and offer a safe solution without potential health challenges from other carcinogen forming compounds that have a history in this space.  TCP Formation can be prevented with Pure Chlorine Dioxide.  We strongly urge other wineries to take a look at this eco-friendly, Organic Materials Review Institute certified product.


The benefits of Biochar

Vine health is of the highest priority in the wine industry. High quality biochar, which is one of the oldest forms of agricultural aids, can be used to improve grape quality.  With the ability to increase the microbe activity in the soil and decrease pollutants in a site area the overall quality can be improved.  Other benefits such as moisture management and parasite control are key as well.  Biochar has been shown to have help increase this quality by increasing amino acid output in grapes which can aid in fermentation.  With a boost to phenolic content as well these boosts to organoleptic properties are sure to see their way into the consumer’s bottle of wine.


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