Asian restaurant closed in Boston, MA for critical foodborne illness violations

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The Boston MA Board of Health has closed the following restaurant for critical foodborne illness violations.


Description Location
*** Labeling of IngredientsComments:
Multiple products out for retail without labeling of ingredients or allergens. Provide proper labeling and store products under proper temperature.
service area
*** Hot HoldingComments:
Multiple potentially hazardous foods(PHF) left out at room temperature Banh tet 68F , dua mon dac biet 68F shrimp 67F tofu&vegetable 69F. Pork tongue and ear on steam table 70F – 81F All products voluntarily disposed of by PIC.
Servicing line
*** Cold HoldingComments:
Multiple potentially hazardous foods held in refrigerated unit of 57F registered 51F – 56F for unknown time. Hold at or below 41F. Foods discarded voluntarily.
Kitchen/prep area
* Food Utensil StorageComments:
Utensils stored in stagnant water. Remove . Storage clean and dry or in clean water at or above 140F
Kitchen/prep area
*** Adequate Handwashing/Where/When/HowComments:
Staff unable to adequately wash hand . Not adequate water temperature at hand sink 60F – 80F .
* Clean Cloths, Hair RestraintComments:
Some staff without hair restraints. Provide proper hair restraints
* Non-Food Contact SurfacesComments:
Pepsi cooler unit 57F with frost build-up .Repair to maintain food at 41F or below.
* Test Kit ProvidedComments:
No test kit for chorine sanitizer. Provide for proper sanitation and proper dilution.
* Wash, Rinse Water Clean, Proper Temperature.Comments:
Wash water in dishwasher at 70F should be 140F. Repair to provide proper washing.
*** Food Contact Surfaces CleanComments:
Sanitizer at dishwashing machine not properly sanitizing. Repair to provide proper sanitation for warewashing.
** Food Contact Surfaces CleanComments:
Soils and food debris in microwave , can opener blade, and several food contact equipment. dough mixer toaster oven juicer and mold like substance in ice machine. Clean all food contact surfaces with proper frequency.
* Non-Food Contact Surfaces CleanComments:
Build-up of soils on mulitiple non-food contact surfaces. Walk-in refrigerator racks , counter tops, exterior equipments, storage racks
Kitchen/prep area
*** Hot and Cold WaterComments:
Hot water 52F – 54F at all hand wash stations. Registers 70F at dishmachine. Fluctuates pressure and temperature at warewash from 58F and up to 108F for brief period. Provide proper repair and report from licensed plumber to ensure hot water at minimum 110F.
*** Location, AccessibleComments:
Handwashing sink blocked with Equipment and utensils and container. Remove. Handsink must be accessibility at all times.
service area
* Hand Cleaner, Drying, Tissue, SignageComments:
No soap at handsink. Provide for proper handwashing.
service area
* Premises MaintainedComments:
Remove all storage from warewash area and storage products in storage area.
*** PIC Performing DutiesComments:
PIC not monitoring food temperatures, sanitizing of equipment and utensils monitoring handwashing. Provide proper monitoring to ensure proper food handling.


*** = Critical Foodborne Illness
** = Critical
* = Non Critical

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