Mandarin Oranges in bottles Recalled for Glass Nationwide

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Milky Way International Trading Corp. is recalling Nice! Mandarin Oranges in 8-ounce bottles due to potential glass in the product. The affected product was distributed to Walgreens stores nationwide and displays one of the lot numbers listed below. Consumers could potentially be cut or injured if ingested. To date there have been three complaints, and one alleged injury reported.

The recall is limited to specific production codes of 8-ounce Nice! Brand Mandarin Oranges in Light Syrup, as follows. The lot codes are located at either the neck or the lid of the glass bottles.

Product: Nice! Brand Mandarin Orange in Light Syrup 8oz
Item # 80895

Lot number Bottle Label UPC Case UPC
H894K09A     01/11/2017 0-49022-80895-9 100-49022-80895-6
4200/01039    01/16/2018 0-49022-80895-9 100-49022-80895-6
4200/01039   02/01/2018 0-49022-80895-9 100-49022-80895-6

If you have any of the affected product(s) on hand, please contact us immediately at 1.562.921.2800 Monday to Friday between 8am to 5pm PST.

The product has been removed from shelves in Walgreens stores.

Product Photos

  • Front, Product label, Nice! Mandarin Oranges in Light Syrup, NET WT 8 OZ
  • Back, Product label with bar code and Nutrition Facts

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