More health violations at Philly Chinatown eatery

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Joy Tsin Lau, the Chinatown eatery in Philadelphia where 100 lawyers and law students were sickened in February, received another scorching helping of criticism last week from the city health department.


The dimsum restaurant “does not have adequate refrigeration equipment (or the) capacity to maintain all refrigerated foods at a temperatore of 41 degrees or below,” department inspector Thomas Kolb wrote on Thursday.

Temperatures over 41 degrees promote the rapid growth of potentially toxic bacteria. In his report, Kolb noted that at Joy Tsin Lau, jellyfish, duck and bean sprouts were all being held at temperatures of 50 degrees or more.

The inspector also cited the restaurant for two additional serious risk factors – an employee eating in the kitchen prep area and another who did not follow proper handwashing protocols – and seven lesser infractions.

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