Boston MA Asian buffet closed for numerous health code violations

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The Boston MA BOH has closed the following restaurant for critical foodborne illness violations.


* Food Container Labels
Comments: Bulk food containers not labeled with common name of food item.
Location: Kitchen/prep area/ware washing/storage room/basement

*** Hot Holding
Comments: Meat balls 135 F Fried chicken 110 F Food items on buffet are store high above fill line.
Location: Buffet

*** Cold Holding
Comments: Coleslaw 45 �F, Cut melon 50 �F, Cucumber Salad 50 �F Potentially hazardous foods on salad bar piled high above the rim of the pan it is stored in
Location: Buffet (cold)

*** Separation, Segregation, Cross Contamination
Comments: Raw chicken stored above raw beef and other food items in walk in refrigeration unit. Raw chicken stored with ready to eat foods on sandwich prep.
Location: Kitchen/prep area

* Food Protection
Comments: Items stored above ice machine
Location: Kitchen/prep area

* Food Protection
Comments: Open food products are not being stored in food grade covered containers with labels Lid to large white bulk food container missing part of lid and is not covered.
Location: Kitchen/prep area/storage room

*** Good Hygienic Practices
Comments: Observed no hand washing during inspection Food handler touched face and did not wash hands Observed employees leaving and re-entering kitchen/work stations without changing gloves.

* Non-Food Contact Surfaces
Comments: Foil on cooking equipment on cooking line
Location: Kitchen/prep area – Cooking line

* Non-Food Contact Surfaces
Comments: Rust on front and sides of ice machine Rust on exterior of grease traps Rust on bottom shelf of large prep table Rust on legs of small prep table
Location: Kitchen/prep area

* Non-Food Contact Surfaces
Comments: Exposed wood on shelving Remove all milk crates used for shelving and provide adequate shelving 6″ above the floor.
Location: Basement storage

* Non-Food Contact Surfaces
Comments: Using wet wiping cloth to catch splashing/spilage at soda dispenser.
Location: Buffet/Coffee station

* Equipment Thermometers
Comments: Provide thermometer to cold salad bar and to 3 door glass refrigeration unit in prep kitchen.

* Wiping Cloths, Clean, Sanitize
Comments: In use wiping cloths are not being stored in a sanitizing solution All wiping cloths used for raw animal products, ready to eat foods and non food contacts must be stored seperately.
Location: Kitchen/Prep/Cooking line/Ware Washing and Wait stations

* Non-Food Contact Surfaces Clean
Comments: Built up soils on refrigeration units (interior and exterior including door handles, shelving and vents/fans. – Kitchen/prep Built up soils, food particles and grease on all cooking equipment including rice cookers (tops, fronts, sides. – Cooking line
Location: Kitchen/prep area

* Non-Food Contact Surfaces Clean
Comments: Built up soils on shelving Built up grease and soils on exterior of grease traps. Built up soils on interior and exterior of cabinets thoughout buffet and waitstations.
Location: Kitchen/basement/prep area/ware washing/storage room

* Clean Equipment & Utensils Storage
Comments: Multiple pots, pans, food container not inverted on shelving
Location: Kitchen/prep area/ware washing/storage room/basement

*** Hot and Cold Water
Comments: Hot water temperatures at all hand sink 77 to 88 �F Plumber arrived on site at end of inspection and noted a new hot water tank need to be installed.
Location: Kitchen/prep area/Ware Washing/Bathrooms

* Installed and Maintained
Comments: Provide proper faucet at sink next to dish machine.
Location: Ware-washing area

*** Location, Accessible
Comments: Observed on employee cleaning food contact equipment in hand sink at waitstation Observed an employee dumping waste water from wiping cloth bucket in hand sink at waitstation Observed wiping cloth bucket stored in hand sink at waitstation Observed food waste in hand sink at waitstation
Location: Waitstations

* Hand Cleaner, Drying, Tissue, Signage
Comments: Paper towel dispenser empty in employee bathroom.
Location: Employee bathroom

* Toilet Enclosed, Clean
Comments: Bathroom doors not self closing
Location: Employee bathrooms

** Insects, Rodents, Animals
Comments: Evidence of rodent dropping under and behind equipment thoughout establishment.
Location:Kitchen/prep area/Ware Washing/Basement

* Improper Maintenance of Walls/Ceilings
Comments: Glue board attached to ceiling vent (men’s room_ Dusty ceiling vents and fixtures – Bathrooms (all) Rust and peeling paint on wall partitions Bathrooms (men’s/ladies) Chipping and peeling paint on walls and attachments (Employee Bathrooms-Basement)
Location: Bathrooms

* Improper Maintenance of Walls/Ceilings
Comments: Black substance built up on walls and attachments at all wait stations and behind soda dispenser.
Location: Buffet and wait stations throughout

* Improper Maintenance of Walls/Ceilings
Comments: Large opening in lower wall behind 2 bay sink. (kitchen) Opening in wall near rear exit. (kitchen) Doors to the exterior (Kitchen and Basement) Multiple openings in ceiling thoughout basement (food storage and equipment storage) Built up soils on light shields, ceiling tiles and all attachments thoughout prep and ware washing areas Built up soils on walls and attachments thoughout prep and ware washing areas. Built up grease on hood and hood filter not secure (Cooking line) Grill on rolling shelving does not have proper ventilation/hood etc. (Owner/operator must contact David Hayes at Boston Fire Headquaters to discuss no hood above this grill) Walls and attachments thoughout prep/ware washing are not smooth durable and easily cleanable.

* Rooms and Equipment Vented
Comments: Ceiling vents not working
Location: Employee bathrooms

*** Labeled, Common Name
Comments: Spray bottles not labeled.
Location: Throughout

*** Separation/Sanitizer Criteria
Comments: Chlorine sanitizing solution for wiping clothes 200+PPM

* Premises Maintained
Comments: Mops, brooms, etc not stored on wall rack
Location: Kitchen/prep area

* Premises Maintained
Comments: Remove all unused/unnecessary articles/equipment from premises
Location: Basement/Kitchen

*** PIC Performing Duties
Comments: Multiple Risk factors, critical and non critical violation observed & noted on inspection report. The person in charge shall ensure that: Employees are effectively cleaning their hands, by routinely monitoring the employees’ handwashing and proper glove use. Employees are properly trained in food safety and sanitation as it relates to their assigned duties and through daily oversight of the employees. Employees are properly sanitizing cleaned multiuse equipment and utensils before they are reused, through routine monitoring of solution Self-service areas such as salad bars and buffets are properly monitored.

*** = Critical Foodborne Illness
** = Critical
* = Non Critical

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