Institutional buildings are crawling with bacteria

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PurosphereVertical (1)Industrial commercial buildings are crawling with bacteria. This can include everything from our healthcare systems, which we expect to be sterile, to our school systems. Universities, military bases, churches, hotels, convention centers and jails alike can benefit from an evaluation of newer technology. Cleaning products and air filtration equipment are part of every day life, but it is not every day that new technology becomes center stage in this space.

The prevalence of even healthcare associated infections alone is startling. According to a 2011 survey from the CDC, around 1 in 25 of US patients will become infected in any given day. That sums up to around 722,000 people annually, with around 75,000 of those infections ending in death.

Let’s say you never even enter a hospital, but you send your child to school. The last thing that parents want to worry about outside of grades, bullying and emotional challenges is potential illness. Yet, even with protocols in place and vaccinations, we still see events like the ones in the Reno, Nevada Area in late 2015, where more than 700 students and faculty were sickened by Norovirus across 17 schools, three daycares and a charter school. Infections spread so quickly, and yet could be avoided with better sanitation and disinfection processes.


Outside of just the food system that could benefit from using pure chlorine dioxide from Purosphere, everything from the classrooms to the bathrooms could use a good sterilization. Of course, hand washing remains an important step, but adding the comfort of a product that kills viruses and bacteria to 99.9999% clean is a huge benefit in cutting down the spread of infection.

The long list of infections that this encompasses range from rotavirus, HIV, Hepatitus B, to listeria, salmonella, and E. coli. In addition, the product offerings include FDA registered products that are actually certified organic, and safe to use directly on food to kill bacteria and extend the shelf life of produce. Never before has there been an offering that was easy enough to use by a teacher and a sanitation worker alike.

For a daycare, the product can be sprayed on toys, not wiped off, and will not hurt a child that comes right behind the teacher and puts the toy in their mouth. An added benefit, is that the product also kills odor causing bacteria, leaving spaces smelling fresh and clean. Purosphere would love the opportunity to tell anyone who is interested more about this revolutionary technology.

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