Asian restaurant in Boston, MA closed by BOH for rodents, temps & more

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The following restaurant has been closed by Boston MA BOH.

BOSTON MA. 02115

*** Cold HoldingComments: 1) The chicken on the top of the sandwich unit in the kitchen is between 46-48F and the beef in the same cooler is 50F. Provide proper cold holding of 41F or below. 2) There is a large container of pickled vegetables on the basement floor at 56F. Provide proper cold holding of cut vegetables or get an approved HACCP plan for fermentation. 3) The chicken and beef that have been out at room temperature thawing is betwen 45-50F. Provide proper cold holding of 41F or below.
* PHF’s Properly ThawedComments: There is a large amount of chicken and beef thawing at room temperature on the floor in the basement. Properly thaw items.
* Food ProtectionComments: Drinking water is being filled from the handsinks. Provide a separate area to fill water pitchers.
*** Adequate Handwashing/Where/When/HowComments: One handsink is being used to fill water pitchers, the other handsink is not properly stocked with soap and towels, and the last sink has no cold water; employees are unable to properly wash their hands. Repair all the handsinks and make sure they are properly stocked and accessible and train employees about proper handwashing.
*** Food Contact Surfaces CleanComments: The low temperature dishwasher is washing at 95F and rinsing at 108F and there is no sanitizer reading. The employee stated that the dishwasher broke a few days ago and they are waiting for parts but there is no backup warewashing so there is no way to wash, rinse, and sanitize equipment.
*** Hot and Cold WaterComments: There is no cold water at the handsink near the cooking line in the kitchen. Provide hot and cold water so employees can wash their hands.
* Hand Cleaner, Drying, Tissue, SignageComments: There is no soap at the handsink in the kitchen and the paper towels are still in the platic wrap. Provide soap and paper towels inside dispensers so employees can easily wash their hands.
** Insects, Rodents, AnimalsComments:There is a large gap from basement door and there are rodent droppings in the basement on the floor and on the dry storage shelving. Provide integrateed pest management reports and close up all doors and entry points.
* Improper Maintenance of FloorsComments: There is a large amount of grease on the floors and the floor drains are soiled. Clean to remove. The floor of the first walk-in labeled SR1 has a damaged floor. Repair to provide a smooth, cleanable, durable surface.
* Improper Maintenance of Walls/CeilingsComments: 1) There is peeling paint on the walls in the kitchen. Resurface to provide a smooth, cleanable, durable surface. 2) There are damaged ceiling tiles in the basement. Resurface or replace.
* Premises MaintainedComments:The mops and brooms are stored on the ground and they are visibly soiled. Clean or discard soiled mops and brooms and store them properly elevated.
*** Violation M-2-101.11 Person in charge AssignedComments: There is no person in charge assigned to supervise the food safety in the kitchen. The waitress is a certified food manager but she is not supervising the kitchen and was unable to take active managerial control of the risk factors in the establishment.
*** = Critical Foodborne Illness
** = Critical
* = Non Critical

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