Thai restaurant closed by Boston MA board of health

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The Boston MA board of health has closed the following restaurant for critical foodborne illness health code violations.

BOSTON MA. 02215
Inspection Date: 6/29/2016

* Food Thermometers Provided

No food thermometers available at the time of the inspection. Provide.

*** Adequate Handwashing/Where/When/How

Staff unable to wash hands properly due to the floor drain backing up into the main kiitchen area whenever sink are operating.

* Non-Food Contact Surfaces

3 Bay sink partitions not securely fastened in order to properly wash, rinse and sanitize all equipment. Only 1 drain plug available for the 3 bay sink. Provide all 3. High temperature dish machine being used to clean and sanitize all equipment.

* Wiping Cloths, Clean, Sanitize

Soield wiping cloths observed being left out on counter tops. Discontinue and provide a proper sanitizing solution.

* Non-Food Contact Surfaces Clean

Kitchen area near the Wok station visibly soiled and odouros. Clean and sanitize to remove all. Interior of the 2 door deli coolers in the main kitchen area visibly soiled. Clean to remove.

** Sewage and Waste Water

Both hand sinks in the main kitchen area when turned on cause the floor drain to back up with black waste water in the main kitchen area. Address and ensure that all hand sinks are operational and do not cause the floor drain to back up.

* Installed and Maintained

Hot water faucet not operating properly on the hand sink in main kitchen area. Address and make any necessary repairs. Plumber was called at the time of the inspection.

* Improper Maintenance of Floors

Floor throughout the main kitchen area visibly soiled and with debris. Clean and sanitize to remove all.

* Improper Maintenance of Walls/Ceilings

Hood and Ventilation Tags with a past expiration date of April 2 2016. Provide up to date Tags prior to the re-inspection being conducted. Referral being made to the City of Boston Fire Department for expired tags.

*** Medicines, FirstAid Storage

Medication and other first aid products observed being stored on the sam shelf as other dry goods and dishes. Discontinue and provide proper storage of all medications.

*** PIC Knowledge

No one on site with a current Food Safety Certification. Provide documentation of at least one full time employee who has been enrolled in some form of Food Safety Course prior to the re-inspection being conducted.

*** PIC Performing Duties

Management/owner not properly supervising in maintenance and plumbing repairs in the establishment. Address and ensure all staff have been properly trained on procedures when sewage issues arise.

*** = Critical Foodborne Illness
** = Critical
* = Non Critical

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