Boston MA BOH closes Safari M. Cafe

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The following restaurant was closed by the Boston, MA for critical foodborne illness violations.

Inspection Date: 8/24/2016

Description Location
*** Separation, Segregation, Cross Contamination
Comments: 1 door reach in/observed whole muscle meat stored in same pan as ground meat with raw chicken stored above these items/must provide proper separation and storage of all raw foods
* Food Protection
Comments: provide covers to all employee drinks remove ice cream utensils from stagnate water properly store all food and paper products 6 inches off floor
* Food Contact Surfaces Design
Comments: provide nsf approved ice machine
* Non-Food Contact Surfaces
Comments: provide proper electrical outlets for all units at front line/hot box extension is running across floor
* Dishwashng Facilities
Comments: 3 bay sink/provide proper set up of sinks
* Non-Food Contact Surfaces Clean
Comments: 1 door reach in/clean interior/exterior clean interior/exterior of all reach in units and cooking equipment clean all prep table shelving
* Hand Cleaner, Drying, Tissue, Signage
Comments: front handsink/provide paper towels in dispenser
* Adequate Number, Frequency, Vermin Proof
Comments: provide adequate number of covered trash barrels/loose trash bags stored at rear of building
* Outside Storage Improperly Maintained
Comments: clean rear outside trash area
** Insects, Rodents, Animals
Comments: storage room and rear prep sink/rear pot shelving/remove evidence of rodent droppings from floor
* Improper Maintenance of Floors
Comments: front line/repair damaged floor tile dishroom/replace damaged floor tile kitchen/clean floor area under around and behind all equipment
* Inadequate Lighting
Comments: mop closet and hot line/provide adequate lighting
* Premises Maintained
Comments: front line/clean/organize all shelving clean/organize storage room kitchen/provide proper storage of all soiled pots/not stored on floor clean/organize top of pizza oven
*** = Critical Foodborne Illness
** = Critical
* = Non Critical

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