Chinese restaurant closed by Boston BOH

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The Boston MA BOH has closed the following restaurant for critical foodborne illness violations.

Inspection Date: 9/6/2016

Description Location
* Food Container Labels

bulk food containers without labels, label properly

near 3 bay sink
* Food Utensil Storage

clevers and knives stored between equipment, store clean and dry

near steam table
* Non-Food Contact Surfaces

card board lining shelves in walk-in freezer, remove to allow a smooth, durable, clean surface

walk-in cooler
** Food Contact Surfaces Clean

Interior of ice machine and scoop with mold like substance, clean to remove

ice machine
* Non-Food Contact Surfaces Clean

1) top of stove and cooking equipment with heavy carbon and grease build up at cooking line, clean to remove 2) rice cookers with exterior soils, clean to remove 3) bulk food containers with heavy soils and encrustments, clean to remove 4) ice cream chest runners with mold like substance , clean to remove 4) ice cream chest near walk-in coolers 5) 2 door refrigerater at cooking line with heavy exterior grease and soils, clean to remove 6) steam table / soup warmer with heavy soils and mouse droppings, clean to remove

*** Hot and Cold Water

No Hot Water at establishment, hot water heater brocken and pooling water on floor, repair or replace

end of cooking line
** Insects, Rodents, Animals

Mouse droppings found on top of heat lamp at steam table / soup warmer area, clean to remove and supply a detailed exterminator report with findings and recommendations

staem table / soup warmer area
* Improper Maintenance of Floors

1) floor under cooking line with heavy grease build up and debris, clean to remove 2) floors throughout with soils and grease build up, clean to remove

1) cooking line 2) throughout back cooking and prep area
* Improper Maintenance of Walls/Ceilings

1) hood sticker expired March of 2016, have cleaned by licensed hood cleaning company with Boston Fire department 2) hood vents and hood with grease build up, clean to remove 3) ceiling fan with heavy dusts and debris, clean to remove

1-2) Cooking line 3) ceiling above steam table area
*** = Critical Foodborne Illness
** = Critical
* = Non Critical

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