McDonalds closed for Sewage Backup

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The Boston, MA BOH has closed the restaurant below for critical foodborne illness violations.

BOSTON MA. 02215
Inspection Date: 9/8/2016

** Sewage and Waste Water

Comments: Observed unidentifiable liquid covering floor of storage room in basement.Source of liquid is from broken main drain/sewage pipe.

* Installed and Maintained

Comments: Repair main drain/sewage pipes located in basement to ensure no further sewage backups.

* Floors Designed, Constructed, Installed

Comments: Remove liquid buildup on floor of basement storage room where sewage backup occured. Clean and sanitize floor area. Cleaning should be conducted by a professional, licensed cleaning company. Provide reciept of service and provide report indicating that area has been cleaned and sanitized.

* Premises Maintained

Comments: Remove all items from basement storage room that cannot be properly cleaned and sanitized.

*** PIC Performing Duties

Comments: PIC- Review required procedures for dealing with an Imminent Health Hazzard. Establishment continued to operate with raw sewage backup in basement storage room and no access to toilets for all McDonald’s workers.

*** = Critical Foodborne Illness
** = Critical
* = Non Critical

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