Confessions from McDonald’s employees will make you second guess your next meal

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According to, McDonald’s has nearly 2 million employees and more then 35,000 locations all over the world.

With a location seemingly on every corner, there’s no wonder their employees have opinions about what happens in the building.

1.9 million employees as of 2014. McDonald’s has more than 35,000 locations in over 100 countries as of 2014. About 80 percent of locations are franchised.

Employees took to Whisper to air grievances and share confessions:

1. It’s not as clean as you think:
“I work at McDonald’s and I can tell you now we never wash the deep frying grates”

2. 2. Employees don’t like attitude:
“I work at McDonald’s and every time someone gives me an attitude or I don’t like them I will purporsely mess up their order”

3. Your behavior at the drive thru can have consequences:
“I work at McDonald’s and if you pull to the speaker and immediately say “hello” in an impatient tone you will be sitting there for awhile”

4. Asking for fries without salt is risky:
“I work at McDonald’s and when people say no salt on fries for hot fries I grab them salted fries and scrape off the salt”

5. Washing hands isn’t always a priority:
“I work at McDonald’s and I don’t wash my hands nearly enough whilst in the kitchen. Sorrry I just don’t have the time or effort”

6. You could easily end up with bonus nuggets:
“I work at McDonald’s and sometimes I can’t be bothered to count nuggets. You might get 9, you might get probably won’t count anyway”

7. Sometimes they like to double up on toys:
“I work at McDonald’s when I am bagging Happy Meals I put two toys in some bags just so I can make some little kids day”

8. McDonald’s employees are not stupid:
I work at McDonald’s and I hate when people think we are all stupid. I’m not stupid, I’m getting my life together.

9. Even managers think it’s disgusting:
“Im a manager at McDonald’s, I wish people understood how disgusting McDonald’s really is.”

10. Buying food can lead to cyberstalking:
“I work at McDonald’s and if I see a hot guy at the drive-thru I read his name on his debit card and I find him on Facebook”

11. Socially, it requires a lot of employees:
“I work at McDonald’s. I tell my customers to have a McMagical evening.”

12. The experience can be brutal:
“Working at McDonald’s made me realize I wasn’t a people person”

13. What they say about the ice cream machine is true:
“Working at McDonald’s sucks the life out of you”

14. So is the secret menu:
“I work at McDonald’s and yes the ice cream machine is always broken”

15. Sometimes there’s a “fry tax:”
“I work at McDonald’s and I think its really cool when people tip because it is so rare.”


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