Turkey Hill Dairy Recalls Ice Cream

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Turkey Hill Dairy is recalling select 48 oz. containers of its Dutch Chocolate Premium Ice Cream because the package may contain Rocky Road Premium Ice Cream instead of Dutch Chocolate Premium Ice Cream.

These packages may include undeclared ingredients of ALMONDS and EGGS, and could be harmful to people with food sensitivity or allergy to these ingredients.

The recalled product information includes:

Name of product: Dutch Chocolate Premium Ice Cream
Container size: 48 oz. (1.5 QTS – 1.42L)
UPC code: 20735-42095
Sell-by date: May 23, 2017 (Found printed on the bottom of the package)

Sell by Date

Only packages of Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream with Rocky Road Lids and the “sell by” date of May 23, 2017 are being recalled.

Sell by Date

The recalled Dutch Chocolate Premium Ice Cream is limited to packages sold at select stores in PA., NY., NJ., MA., CT., DE., MD., VA., WV., OH., RI., ME., VT., MO., AL., NH., NC., SC., GA., MI., IN., KY,. MS., IL. and TN. All affected stores have been instructed to remove the product from their shelves.

All affected packages would have been purchased in store after 09/08/2016.

Turkey Hill Dairy has not received any reports of illness concerning this product recall. For consumers who are not allergic to almonds and eggs, there is no safety issue with the product.

If you purchased a Dutch Chocolate Premium Ice Cream – 48 oz. with the code date of May 23, 2017

You can return them to the place of purchase for a full refund or Contact Turkey Hill Dairy at 1-800-MY-DAIRY for a replacement/refund (1-800-693-2479).

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