The disgusting things some restaurant workers see & do

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If you’ve ever done something to anger a restaurant worker and worried that he or she may spit in your food for revenge, your worries just might be justified. However, it seems some restaurant workers don’t need the “trigger” to mess with your meals. It appears some waiters eat off of customer’s plates, drop rolls and silverware on the floor and don’t replace them, and even touch the food without washing their hands. Several restaurant workers took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to share the gross things they see and do on a daily basis.

You could be dining on some pretty nasty tablecloths:

Let’s hope they wash their hands:

If you were wondering how you caught that bug last week:

Maybe it’s a good thing if they don’t wipe down the table very well:

A little dirt is good for the immune system:

If this isn’t a cheese shop, it’s pretty concerning:

Because we all know water alone kills 100 percent of germs:

Nothing like a solid quick fix:

You might as well eat off the floor in this case:

It’s always courteous to make sure people’s food hasn’t gone bad:

Always respect the rules:

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