Asian restaurant closed in Boston, MA for Rodent activity

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The following restaurant has been closed by the Boston, MA board of health for critical foodborne illness violations.

BOSTON MA. 02116

*  Food Protection
Comments: Items stored on top of ice machine

* Food Protection
Comments: Scrub pad in food prep sink (kitchen)

* Food Utensil Storage
Comments: Ice scoop not stored properly
Location:Kitchen/prep area

***  Adequate Handwashing/Where/When/How
Comments: Multiple hand wash sinks not equipped with hand soap, drying device and Hot water (hot water not maintaining 110F) Hand sinks being used for other purposes. Observed employee placing floor mats on floor at bar returning to kitchen without removing gloves and washing hands. Employees unable to perfrom proper hand washing dut to the hand washing facilities not adequately supplied Provide proper training on hand washing procedures.

***  Good Hygienic Practices
Comments: Employee eating and drinking from a glass container on cooking line
Location: Kitchen/prep area

* Non-Food Contact Surfaces
Comments: Salad unit broken – Repair or replace – Cooking line Contact paper on top of chest type freezer

* Non-Food Contact Surfaces
Comments: No splash guards between hand sinks and prep stations at sushi bar (repeat violation)

* Violation 15-4-202.16 Non-Food Contact Surfaces
Comments: Using crates for shelving

*  Dishwashing Facilities
Comments: Provide tight fitting plugs for each bay of three bay sink (Ware washing)

*  Non-Food Contact Surfaces Clean
Comments: Dusty portable fan
Location: Kitchen/prep area

*  Non-Food Contact Surfaces Clean
Comments: Built up soils on interior and exterior of refrigeration units throughout

* Clean Equipment & Utensils Storage
Comments: Pots, pans, bowls not inverted

*  Re-use of Single Service Articles
Comments: Reusing food containers that are not NSF approved.

*  Re-use of Single Service Articles
Comments: Large straws not individually wrapped/protected from contamination
Location: Bar

***  Hot and Cold Water
Comments: Hot water at hand sinks between 63 F & 74 F (repeat violation) Hot water must maintain 110 F Hand sinks in sushi bar #1 73 F, #2 74 F, #3 67 F Hand sinks in Bathrooms 73 F Hand sinks in Kitchen 73 F

***  Location, Accessible
Comments: Observed pitcher with water in hand wash sink (Bar) Observed wiping cloth in hand sink basin (Tea area) Observed employee filling pitcher with water at hand sink (Ware washing area) Hand sink on cooking line blocked by rolling shelving with food being prepped for fryolator Scrub pad in hand sink basin (ware washing) Blocking and using hand sinks for other purposes has been an ongoing repeat violation.

* Hand Cleaner, Drying, Tissue, Signage
Comments: No drying device at hand sink (tea area) & (sushi bar)

*  Improper Cleaning of Receptacles
Comments: No covers for trash receptacles throughout

**Insects, Rodents, Animals
Comments: Evidence of rodent activity – Rodent dropping on floor under and behind equipment, etc throughout Dining, bar, sushi bar, kitchen/ware washing/storage areas Provide full extermination and IPM report

*  Improper Maintenance of Walls/Ceilings
Comments: Dusty ceiling vent in bathrooms Built up soils on walls, ceiling and attachments at Sushi Bar Loose and missing ceiling tiles (storage room)

* Fixture’s not properly shielded
Comments: Light shield broken over 3 bay sink
Location: Ware-washing area

*** Separation/Sanitizer Criteria
Comments: Hand soap at food prep sink – Sushi Bar Toxic chemical not covered in Storage room

*** Pesticide Usage
Comments: Can of Raid on floor at bar

*  Premises Maintained
Comments: Remove all unused/unnecessary and broken items from establishment

***  Person in charge Assigned
Comments: No person in charge at my arrival – Manager was called by employee and arrived prior to my departure

***  PIC Knowledge
Comments: No proof of full time on site certified food protection manager – PIC provided certification for an employee who does not work on the premises

***  PIC Performing Duties
Comments: All employees must be properly trained in food safety and sanitation as it relates to their assigned duties per code. Multiple repeat violations

*** = Critical Foodborne Illness
** = Critical
* = Non Critical

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