Mini Eclairs and Creme Puffs Recalled

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Stop & Shop, Giant and Martins have posted the following recalls on their websites.

Simply Enjoy Frozen Desserts (2 UPC’s)

Recall Date: Dec 14, 2016

Simply Enjoy Dark Choc Topped Mini Eclairs – 14.8 OZ
UPC: 68826712411
Codes: STORE INSTRUCTIONS: PULL ALL DATE CODES……… CUSTOMER INFORMATION. Product with a BB Date 3/1/18 with Lot #L1K3616 or #L1L3616 and BB Date 3/2/18 with Lote #L1M3616 are impacted, but out of an abundance of caution all product is pulled

Simply Enjoy Milk Choc Dipped Creme Puffs – 14.1 OZ
UPC: 68826712410
Product with a BB Date 3/29/18 with Lot #L1J4016 or #L1K4016 are impacted.

Customers may return impacted product for a full refund. For additional information call 252-442-4016.

Recall information: Poppies International, INC (Delizza INC) is issuing a  recall for Simply Enjoy Frozen Desserts that were made with a custard powder containing milk ingredients supplied by a secondary supplier, Valley Milk Products, LLC, due to the possible presence of Salmonella. No illnesses or adverse health effects resulting from these events have been reported to date. This product is located in the Frozen Dessert Set or a Frozen Endcap.

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