Chocolate products recalled at Brookshire’s

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Brookshire’s posted the following recall on its website.

SunSpire® chocolate products

SunSpire® brand is recalling certain retail lots of SunSpire® chocolate products because they contain milk, which is not declared in the ingredient statement. Although the current packaging provides a statement that these products contain traces of milk, they have been notified that milk is a component of one of the ingredients.

SunSpire® is committed to producing the highest quality products and their top priority is the safety of their consumers. As a result they are recalling the following products and ranges of best-by dates:

UPC # Product Description Best-by date range
0 77241 50075 0 Organic 42% Cacao Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips 9 oz. 24FEB17 thru 19SEP18
0 77241 50076 7 Organic 65% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate Chips 9 oz. 17APR17 thru 10SEP18
0 77241 70900 9 Organic Dark Chocolate Almonds 1.2 oz. 19FEB17 thru 25FEB17
0 77241 11670 8 Fair Trade Organic Unsweetened Chocolate Baking Bar 4 oz. 26OCT17 thru 03OCT18
0 77241 11671 5 Fair Trade Organic Semi-Sweet Chocolate Baking Bar 4 oz. 02AUG18
0 77241 70014 3 Org Dark Choc Almonds, Cocoa Dusted 2/5 LB 16FEB17 thru 22FEB17

Consumers should dispose of the product or return it for a refund.

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