How safe is it to eat at a restaurant with recalled food?

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By Maren Siu

Grocery shoppers beware, one million pounds of chicken nuggets were recently recalled due to contamination.

OK Food Inc received five consumer complaints, stating metal objects were found in their prepackaged chicken nuggets.

Sarah Wellemeyer owner of Taco Del Sol tells us their restaurant had a recall scare a few years back, costing them thousands of dollars, “A few years ago our food supplier’s Cisco contacted us and they were able to alert us as soon as they knew that there had been some complication with some onions,” says Wellemeyer.  “So they let me know immediately, we closed the restaurant for an hour, got all of the product off of the self, threw it away, sanitized everything and went to a different source for our produce.”

A mom as well, Wellemeyer has some advice on how parents can educate themselves, keeping their kids safe from harmful foods, “When you go into a restaurant you can tell a lot by how clean the front of the restaurant is.  And then as a mother I just pay attention to what the employees do.”

Tori Mawer, a manager at Bamboo Hut has been in the food industry for nine years and while she knows food recalls happen often she’s never personally had to deal with it.  She assures us she’d take the proper precautions, “Well we don’t eat the food, sell the food or even open the food.  We’ll take it straight back to where we got it from,” says Mawer.”  “And get our money back.  If we had to deal with food that was recalled food and we didn’t know it was and we served it to customers, we would definitely reimburse them.”

To stay safe both Mawer and Wellemeyer suggest restaurant goers and grocery shoppers check websites that have information about what foods have been recalled.

Editor’s note: Wellemeyer’s advice on telling a lot by how clean the front of a restaurant is troubling as a person who has certified hundreds of food safety professionals over 10 years. Of course they will keep the front of the house clean, that is what they want you to see. The real problems happen in the back of the house and how well trained the employees are in food safety and handling practices. That is what consumers can’t see. Whether there is cross contamination, or employees wash their hands after using a restroom.

It is great that Wellemeyer was notified by Cisco, that is what they are supposed to do. There are protocols in place what to do with recalled food. It should never be served to patrons.


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