Memory Lane and Peanut Corporation of America on American Greed

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by Susan Reef, President US Food Safety Corporation

When I started seeing the promos for this weeks episode of American Greed, I just knew I had to see what makes television great. In my case, this is what put US Food Safety on the map. If it wasn’t for Peanut Corporation of America and it’s impact on the supply chain back in 2009, happening when it did, my little company would have remained just that.

We had an idea. That U.S. consumers needed to know about recalled food products and problems with food establishments from an independent source. It was started in November 2008. We were not a law firm, we were just a media company with a really cool name.

Then came along Peanut Corporation of America. I can look back and I have an updated list from January 29, 2009 from PCA.  We were up until all hours with constant updates on the recalls that exceeded 3,000. We also had a good and safe list of products that did not source products from PCA.

Consumers did not know what to eat. They were calling us night and day. It was a recall circus.

Oh, I forgot to mention that we had 8,000 followers (@usfoodsafety)  in one day on Twitter that they shut us down for spamming and we had to re-invent ourselves as @foodsafeguru.

We thought it was never going to end. We had no idea that about 3 months later a pistachio recall would follow. I didn’t eat anything with nuts for almost two years.

Stewart Parnell is behind bars. The nightmare is over for consumers. US FOOD SAFETY continues to post, grow and thrive.

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