Subway, Boston, MA closed for critical health code violations

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The following establishment was closed by the Boston Board of Health for critical health code violations.

560 Washington st
Dorchester, MA. 02124

Inspection Date: 11/9/2017

* Food Protection
Comments: elevate all storage off the floor 6+ 8 inches.. Fail

*** Adequate Handwashing/Where/When/How

* Non-Food Contact Surfaces Clean
Comments:clean all reachins…clean beverage shelving area…. Fail

*** Hot and Cold Water
Comments: provide hotwater for all handsinks throughout… Fail

* Installed and Maintained
Comments: repair hand sink at prep area… Fail

* Floors Designed,Constructed,Installed
Comments: clean floor in freezer walkin and remove frost buildup….clean floor under all equipment….replace all loose floor tiles… Fail

* Walls/Ceilings Designed,Constructed,Installed
Comments: clean walls+pipes throughout….replace all loose baseboard cove molding….clean dusty ceiling vents….clean ceiling in prep area…

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