Restaurant closed in Boston for Raw Sewage Disposal – Gross

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This establishment was closed by the Boston Board of Health.

164 harvard av
Allston, MA. 02134


Inspection Date: 12/5/2017

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  Code Decription Status
** 28-5-402.13 Sewage and Waste Water

Establishment is pumping raw sewage out of basement into back alley. Discontinue pumping sewage out of this establishment into a public alley way.

* 29-5-201/02.11 Installed and Maintained

Main drain backup observed at drain in basement. Raw sewage is building up on basement floor causing an imminent health hazzard. Provide a licensed plumber to correct all plumbing issues. Provide a reciept of service and a report from plumber indicatiing all main drain issues have been corrected.

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