Asian restaurant closed by Boston BOH for rats, no hot water

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The Boston, MA Board of Health posted the following establishment closure on its website.

11 Tyler st
Boston, MA. 02111

Score: A
Inspection Date: 12/18/2017

Fail* Food Protection Comments:  bar ice bin/remove containers from ice used for customer drinks kitchen/remove glass storage from top of grease trap

Fail *Clean Cloths, Hair Restraint:  Comments:  provide proper hair restraints for all food handlers

Fail*Dishwashng Facilities Comments:  provide proper set up of 3 bay sink with drain plugs at upper and lower kitchens

Fail* Equipment Thermometers: Comments:  high temp/repair wash gauge per manufacturing instructions

Fail* Equipment Thermometers: Comments: 2 door glass reach in at bar/provide internal thermometer

Fail* Test Kit Provided: Comments: 3 bay sink/provide proper quat test kit

Fail* Non-Food Contact Surfaces Clean: Comments: bar/clan all black shelving kitchen and basement prep/remove foil from prep table shelving

 Fail*** Hot and Cold Water: Comments:  all sinks/provide hot running water at 110 degrees/water tested at 69 degrees/provide licensed plumbers report for repair and if tanks are adequate size to maintain hot water at all hours of operation
Fail* Installed and Maintained: Comments:  basement 3 bay sink/repair leak from pipe under sink
Fail* Hand Cleaner, Drying, Tissue,Signage: Comments: bar handsink/clean sink/provide paper towels in dispenser and employee must wash hands signage lower level/repair/replace damaged/cracked white handsink white handsink/provide refill of liquid soap
Fail** Insects, Rodents, Animals: Comments:  bar handsink cabinet/remove evidence of dead roaches from traps/provide detailed licensed extermination report bar/remove evidence of fruit flies basement sewer line area/remove evidence of rat droppings from floor/seal wall/ceiling around all piping
Fail* Improper Maintenance of Floors: Comments:  basement/properly seal bare wood steps basement hot line/clean floor area under and behind all equipment
Fail*Improper Maintenance of Walls/Ceilings: Comments:  kitchen/clean all light shields/replace damaged ceiling tiles and clean stained ceiling tiles lower prep area/clean all light shields to remove debris/possible dead bugs electrical panels in basement/repair damaged white wall and coving behind sump pump basement/provide door sweeps to all doors to remove daylight walk in area/replace stained ceiling tiles

Fail*Fixture’s not properly shielded: Comments:  lower prep/provide proper light shields with endcaps

Fail*Inadequate Lighting: Comments:  basement hot line/replace burnt out lights

Fail***PIC Performing Duties: Comments:  provide proper allergen posting on menus

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