Kroger posts nutrition bar recall

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Kroger has posted the following recall on its website.

Due to a potential health hazard, Customers who purchased any of the item(s) below
should not eat the product.

The product may contain PEANUTS or ALMONDS and, if eaten, could result in severe allergic reactions in persons sensitive to PEANUTS or ALMONDS.

Please return the product to this store for a full refund.

eBar MAN Chocolate  Almond Nutrition Bar 1.8 oz
UPC: 855529-00414

USE BY:  05/17/18

eBar FOCUS Chocolate  Peanut Nutrition Bar 1.6 oz
UPC: 855529-00417

USE BY:  05/18/18

eBar WOMAN Dark  Chocolate Berry  Nutrition Bar 1.8 oz
UPC: 855529-00418

USE BY:  05/16/18

eBar TRIM Chocolate  Almond Nutrition Bar 1.8 oz

USE BY:  05/18/18

Consumers may contact eBars LLC @ 1-865-335-1988.

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