Boston MA restaurant closed for numerous health code violations

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The following restaurant closing has been posted by the Boston, MA board of health.

Cape Verdean Taste
481b Geneva Ave
Dorchester, MA. 02122

 Inspection Date: 2/9/2018
Decription Status
*** Hot Holding

Comments: Cooked rice and chicken inside of the front steam table with temperatures ranging from 118-125F. Discontinue and ensure all potentially hazardous foods are being maintained at 140F and above. PIC to reheat foods to 165F to enusre no bacterial growth.

* Food Protection

Comments: Containers of food observed being stored on the ground of the walk-in cooler. Discontinue and store elevated a minimum of 6 inches off the ground.

* Non-Food Contact Surfaces Clean

Comments: Establishment has been effected by a main sewer main backup in the basement (as stated by Boston Water and Sewer). Owner is to have the whole restaurant professionally cleaned to ensure teh removal of any airborne bacteria. Upon completion owner is to provide documentation of work completed to the City of Boston Health Department.

** Sewage and Waste Water

Comments: TSOP has been issued due to a main sewage back-up in the basement of the restaurant as stated by the Boston Water and Sewage Commission. Boston Water and Sewer Commission was on site with the Building Inspector Darell Boyd. A dye test was being conducted to determine if there was a break in the main. Establishment is to remain closed until approval has been given from the Buildings, Health and Boston Water and Sewer.

* Premises Maintained

Comments: Excess trash and debris in the side alley of the establishment. Address and remove.


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