Boston MA board of health shutters restaurant for Gross Conditions

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The Boston, MA board of health has posted the following establishment closure.

edu and den’s restaurant
637 River St
Mattapan, MA. 02126

letter grade: A
Inspection Date: 2/13/2018
Decription Status
* Food Container Labels
Comments: properly label all food containers and bags.
*** Cold Holding
Comments: Large trays of Turkey/chicken/pork were stored overnight in a 3 dr. reachin temp.47F food temps was at 53F,55F,47F owner denatured with bleach and disposed all 40lbs of cooked PHF’s.all cold foods shall remain 41F or below.
* Food Protection
Comments: discontinue storing cooked foods in plastic non food grade bags/properly cover all stored foods in freezers and reachins/elevate all foods 6 to 8 inches off the floor/ adjust 3 dr. reachin from 48F to 41F to maintain stored PHFs at 41F
* Food Utensil Storage
Comments: remove in use cups used for dispencing from bulk food containers and provide proper scoops…
* Food Contact Surfaces Design
Comments: provide foodgrade containers,bags and equipment/ reseal all mixer bowls by a commercial company/replace all defective equipment,replace all missing handles on all equipment.
* Non-Food Contact Surfaces
Comments: reseal rusty greasetrap at catering/prep kitchen/repair defective doorgaskets throughout as needed/replace missing compressor at 4dr. catering unit/reseal rusty shelving nin reachins/replace rusty and defective freezer in cellar/repair all equipment reachins as needed.
* Three Compartment Sink
Comments: provide drainboards for dirty utensils and air dry utensils at catering/prep kitchen/ provide airdrying racks for all large pans and lids, remove dirty paper stored with equipment.
* Equipment Thermometers
Comments: provide thermometers as needed..
*** Food Contact Surfaces Clean
Comments: provide sanitizer for all warewashing 3 comp. sinks/owner operator needs to demonstrate proper cleaning and sanitizing of all equipment for compliance inspection with air drying procedures.
* Non-Food Contact Surfaces Clean
Comments: clean all equipment,shelving,reachins,freezers,cooking equipment, Clean and sanitize all cooking equipment and shleving throughout establishment.
*** Hot and Cold Water
Comments: provide cold water under pressure at catering/prep handsink/ provide hot water under pressure at handsink cellar area.
* Installed and Maintained
Comments: repair leaky faucet at 3 compartment sink. catering/prep side/unclog mop sink as needed.
*** Number, Convenient
Comments: provide a prep sink at prep/catering kitchen#2, owner is willing to utilize the 3 compartment sink in the main kitchen for prep with health dept approval. due to owner currently having (3) 3 compartment sinks at the establishment.
*** Number, Convenient Fail
*** Location, Accessible Fail
* Hand Cleaner, Drying, Tissue,Signage
Comments: provide papertowels for all restroom dispencors and provide soap and papertowels at all kitchen handsinks as needed/provide employee must wash hands signage for all handsinks.
* Toilet Enclosed,Clean
Comments: clean restroom vent system.
* Adequate Number, Frequency,Vermin Proof
Comments: replace dumpster without doors or repair missing doors/provide additional dumpster or provide more frequent pickups from rubbish disposal company.
* Outside Storage Improperly Maintained
Comments: clean dumpster outside grounds.
** Insects, Rodents, Animals
Comments: remove all dead mice on glue traps and remove all mice droppings throughout provide an IPM extermination report from your pest control company that will cover all basements kitchens and all storage areas also rodent proof all doors.
* Floors Designed,Constructed,Installed
Comments: clean floor under and behind all equipment throughout establishment/repair missing and cracked floor tiles/repair cellar steps.
* Walls/Ceilings Designed,Constructed,Installed
Comments: plug up holes in walls at front service area/replace missing baseboard covemolding throughout/replace missing ceiling tiles/clean ceiling vents at main kitchen/clean main kitchen walls and ceiling throughout/clean attached hood at main kitchen.
* Inadequate Lighting
Comments: provide lighting for true 2dr. reachin unit.
* Inadequate Lighting Fail
* Dressing Rooms Clean/Lockers Provided
Comments: provide employee lockers for proper storage of shoes/clothing
*** Separation/Sanitizer Criteria
Comments: remove from prep/catering kitchen all construction equipment and bags of mortar mix/ joint compound etc..only store food products.
* Premises Maintained
Comments: remove all unnecessary articles from front service area,rear dumpster area,cellar #1and #2, catering prep kitchen front room, office,remove crates used for shelving.(remove multiple bags of clothing/construction items/bedding/mattresses/old toilet etc..)
* Anti-Choking Fail
*** Person in charge Assigned
Comments:  owner shall assign a person in charge during all hours of operation…during my visit I was informed by the employee to wait for the owner because no one was in charge.
*** PIC Knowledge
Comments:provide a fulltime serve safe manager to oversee day to day operations to insure that the establishment is operating in a safe and sanitary manner in compliance with food code. 8-404.11 Gross unsanitary conditions.
*** PIC Performing Duties Fail
*** Consumer Advisories
Comments: provide allergen certificate and post allergen advisory.

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