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In order to inform our followers, US Food Safety has compiled a list of retailers that have posted information regarding Romaine Lettuce. We hope you find this information useful. Information was gathered through company websites. Information will be updated as needed.

Fresh Express salad items

Reason for Recall: Items were removed from sale due to a CDC advisory that chopped romaine lettuce from Yuma, Arizona may be contaminated with E. coli.

Fresh Express American Style Salad Mix 11 Oz.
UPC: 71279-24100

Fresh Express Sweet Hearts Salad 9 Oz.
UPC: 71279-22105

Fresh Express Bacon Caesar Kit
UPC: 71279-30108</

Fresh Express Caesar Salad Kit 7.6 Oz. Salad Mix + 2.5 Oz. Dressing
UPC: 71279-30100

Fresh Express Caesar Supreme Salad Mix 8 Oz. Salad Mix + 2.75 Oz. Dressing
UPC: 71279-30104

Market Basket: REGARDING CDC WARNING ON ROMAINE LETTUCE: All of the romaine lettuce currently sold at Market Basket are sourced from California.



Sold at Publix: No

You may have heard about the recent E. coli outbreak associated with romaine lettuce, both chopped and bulk. Publix is not affected by this event. The romaine lettuce implicated with this event was harvested from the Yuma, Arizona region. Prior to and during this outbreak, Publix has not sourced our romaine lettuce from Arizona.


Freshway Foods Recalls Chopped Romaine Lettuce Sold at Schnucks Stores

Lettuce could be contaminated with E. Coli O157:H7

As a result of a multistate outbreak of E. coli O157:H7 infections linked to chopped romaine lettuce, Freshway Foods is recalling select chopped romaine lettuce sold at Schnucks Delis and Salad Bars.

Schnucks customers are urged to check for the following:

  • Any product from the self-service salad bar containing romaine lettuce
  • Any of the following salads from the self-service deli/prepared foods area:
    • Apple Walnut Salad
    • Greek Salad
    • Cobb Salad
    • Tossed Garden Salad

Customers may return any unused product to their nearest store for a full refund. Those with questions may contact the Schnucks Consumer Affairs department at 314-994-4400 or 1-800-264-4400.


Product Recall Details:

Bulk Romaine DPCI 211-21-0094
W/T Romaine 7 oz Clamshell DPCI 211-21-0038
Romaine Hearts 3ct DPCI211-21-0101
Organic Romaine Hearts 3ct DPCI 211-50-0047
W/T Organic Romaine 7 oz DPCI 211-50-0032

All salad kits currently sold at stores are not impacted by this health advisory.
Best by dates up to and including May 4, 2018 for the items listed above only


Walmart stores and Sam’s Club
Multistate Outbreak of E. coli O157:H7 Infections Linked to Chopped Romaine Lettuce
Sold at: Walmart stores and Sam’s Club


Press release from Fresh Express:



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