39 suspected cases of Salmonella shutters Kitty’s in North Reading, MA

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NORTH READING, Mass. – A Massachusetts restaurant has been shut down until further notice after nearly 40 people reported getting sick during a suspected salmonella outbreak.

The North Reading Board of Health posted an advisory saying the state Public Health Department had received complaints from 39 people who said they got sick at Kitty’s late last month.

The state confirmed nine cases of salmonella and 30 suspected cases of salmonella.

The source of the outbreak was traced to the antipasto salad and possibly the restaurant’s house salad dressing.

The restaurant was closed July 5 and allowed to reopen on Friday after a sanitization, and recommended the restaurant test 46 employees before allowing them back to work.

“We got a complaint, and then we got a couple of them and the Board of Health got involved. We addressed the problem. We closed down, did a thorough cleaning. And then we had a professional service do a cleaning,” said Kitty’s owner Scott White.

After receiving more complaints about the restaurant, an onsite inspection on July 9 revealed several food safety and sanitation concerns relating to unsanitary conditions, cross contamination and time and temperature abuse, the North Reading Health Department said.

It also concluded that the restaurant had not complied with the Health Department’s original orders of July 5, and several employees prohibited from working from the initial salmonella incident were working on site and preparing food, the health department said. Those employees had not been cleared to return to work by either the Massachusetts Department of Public Health or the North Reading Health Department.

“In the interest of protecting the public health due to the potential of a secondary outbreak, and in response to the establishment’s failure to comply with the orders of the North Reading Health Department, on July 9 the establishment was ordered closed until further notice,” the department said.

Anyone who took home leftover antipasto salad or house dressing, purchased takeout antipasto or salad or house dressing or purchased packaged house salad dressing from Kitty’s after June 1 is asked not to eat them. Anyone with unopened bottles of house salad dressing is asked to contact the Health Department so that it can be tested.

No one answered the phone at Kitty’s on Tuesday.

source: http://www.wcvb.com/article/restaurant-closed-after-39-cases-of-suspected-salmonella/22104063

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