Popeyes in Detroit closed after video of restaurant’s filthy conditions surface

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An employee’s disturbing video revealing the filthy conditions inside a Popeyes restaurant in Detroit has triggered the health department to temporarily shut down the fast food joint.

The video, from a Popeyes restaurant on Gratiot Avenue, showed dirty dishes scattered on the floor and shelves. The employee who posted the video, Shakita Shemere, 20, was also able to capture footage of maggots and roaches in the kitchen. The video swept through the kitchen, showing multiple lid-less containers and trash on the ground. The employee claimed roaches went inside the open containers.

The video soon went viral and has been viewed more than 530,000 time.

The Detroit Health Department’s Food Safety Team visited the store after the video was posted, and shut down the restaurant temporarily on Tuesday, a statement on its Facebook page confirmed.

“The Detroit Health Department’s Food Safety Team is currently on site and investigating the Popeyes location at 14180 Gratiot. The location is temporarily closed and the Popeyes management is cooperating with the Health Department and following all cleaning protocols. The Detroit Health Department will continue to work with the Popeye’s location and it will work to make sure the restaurant is in compliance prior to reopening,” the statement read.

source: http://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/2018/07/25/popeyes-in-detroit-closed-after-video-restaurants-filthy-conditions-surface.html

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