Boston, MA bistro closed for flies and other failures

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The Boston, MA Board of Health has posted the following establishment closure.

Inspection History

the charles river bistro
0 david g mugar wy
Boston, MA. 02108
Inspection Date: 8/27/2018
Decription Status
* Wash,Rinse Water Clean,Proper Temperature.

Comments: Drain pipe from above drain into sanitizing bay of 3 bay sink – Ware washing

** Insects, Rodents, Animals

Comments: Flies throughout kitchen/prep/ware washing area – Provide full extermination and IPM report prior to reinspection. Outer openings – Back door to prep area open, outer openings to front serving/food area not protected (serving/ordering window)

* Improper Maintenance of Floors

Comments: Built up soils and grease on floor under and behind all equipment throughout kitchen/prep/ware washing/serving area/storage area (outside) Floor not smooth, durable, easily cleanable – Kitchen/prep/ware/washing/serving area/storage area (outside)

* Improper Maintenance of Walls/Ceilings

Comments: Built up soils, grease, etc on walls, ceiling and attachments throughout food prep/serving area/ware washing

* Rooms and Equipment Vented

Comments: No vent in bathroom


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