Boston, MA restaurant closed for multiple food temp. violations & more

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The Boston, MA board of health has posted the following restaurant closure.

The Breakfast Club
270 western av
ALLSTON, MA. 02134

Score: A

Inspection Date: 8/31/2018

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Decription Status
* Food Container Labels

Comments: Bulk food containers not labeled – Kitchen/prep/grill area

*** Cooling

Comments: cooling cut potatoes in broken walk in unit (unit 75 F/product 123F)

*** Cold Holding

Comments: Walk in unit 75 F Multiple food items were in the temperature danger zone Margarine 71 F Blackberries 58 F Sausages 72 F Chicken Salad 75 F Eggs 69 F Ground beef 56 F Diced potatoes 72 F Strawberries 72 F Honey Dew melon 72 F Ham 75 F Per employee: Food delivered today was placed in broken walk in unit. Salad unit on cooking line 50 F Avacado 49 F Cheese 54 F Refrigerated draws under cooking unit 33 F Raw Beef (ground) 56 F Corn beef hash 50 F Turkey 60 F Salad unit on front grill area 40 F Ham 52 F

* Food Thermometers Provided

Comments: Food thermometer low battery – not working

*** Separation, Segregation,Cross Contamination

Comments: Raw ground beef stored in refrigerated draws with ready to eat foods – Cooking line

* Food Protection

Comments: Doing food prep in basement – Cutting potatoes. Potato slicer on wall in basement, sweet potatoes cuttings on shelving in basement Items stored on top of ice machine – Basement Open food not stored in food grade covered containers – Kitchen/prep/grill areas

* Non-Food Contact Surfaces

Comments: Latch on small door on side of walk in unit not latching – Door keeps opening when the main door is opened and employees are not monitoring to ensuse its properly closed tight.

* Wiping Cloths, Clean, Sanitize

Comments: Wiping cloths not stored in a sanitizing solution between uses

** Food Contact Surfaces Clean

Comments: Built up soils on potato slicer in basement Observed ware washing employee handling clean and sanitized plates, cups etc with bare hand touching part where food is placed on and which comes in contact with consumers mouth.

* Non-Food Contact Surfaces Clean

Comments: Built up soils on exterior of bulk food containers

*** Location, Accessible

Comments: Ware washing Hand sink blocked by dishes – Evidence this hand sink is not being used Front counter food prep area Hand sink – cloth towel stored in hand sink basin, observed staff rinsing cloth towel in this hand sink

* Hand Cleaner, Drying, Tissue,Signage

Comments: No signage at hand sink – Front counter serving/grill area

* Improper Maintenance of Floors

Comments: Exposed wood on steps to basement Floor in basement soiled – piles of sawdust type substance.

* Improper Maintenance of Walls/Ceilings

Comments: Tape, cloth towel and plastic wrap attached to hood Grease on hood Soils on walls and attachments – Kitchen Chipped and peeling paint on walls in basement – Food storage and unapproved food prep area Pipe and wooden ceiling above ice machine – Basement

* Premises Maintained

Comments: Unused and unnecessary articles/equipment stored in basement

* Anti-Choking

Comments: No employee on the premises trained in anti choking

*** Person in charge Assigned

Comments: No PIC – Asked employees that have a food safety certification if they were the PIC or manager and was informed that they were not.

*** PIC Knowledge

Comments: Establishment has 3 employees who are certified in food safety, however, each of them are not manager and/or PIC’s. No allergen certification.

*** PIC Performing Duties

Multiple risk factors noted on inspection. Evidence that employees have not been properly trained in food safety and sanitation as it relates to their assigned duties Multiple risk factors, critical and non critical violations noted on inspection. Multiple food items embargoed (See attached) Establishment received a large deliverly of foods and placed in walk in unit that was not operating. At the time of my inspection the walk in unit was at 75 F and PHF and TCS foods were in the temperature danger zone.

*** Consumer Advisories

Comments: Consumer advisory on menu missing disclosure Fresh juice no warning on menu (fresh juice is squeezed in advance and to order per employee at counter

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