Target posts Ground Beef Recall

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Target posted the following recall on its website.

Recalled: Ground Beef Items (Expired 7/18/18)

sold at: Target Stores

recall date: 9/19/2018

Product Recall Details

Target Item Number: 268-02-0016 Market Pantry 80/20 Ground Beef, Use by 7/18/18
268-02-0001 AF Bacon Cheddar Burgers, Use by 7/18/18
268-02-0005 AF Tavern Style Burgers, Use by 7/18/18
Items are expired, this recall is being issued to advise consumers who may have product in their freezers.
Additional items included in the recall not carried by Target. Please refer to the link above for details.

Date or Lot Code: Establishment 85M, Use before 7/18/18

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