Filthy Boston, MA restaurant had an “A” rating, closed by BOH

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The following restaurant was closed by Boston, MA board of health.

80 Broadway

rating: A

Inspection Date: 10/19/2018

Description Status
*** Cold Holding

Comments: Slice tomatoes 54F, sliced mozzeralla 61F, cooked onions 60F at cookline. PIC voluntarily discarded. Blue cheese dressing at wait station 60F. All foods out of temperature voluntarily discarded.

*** Separation, Segregation,Cross Contamination

Comments: Raw chicken stored directly next to raw scallops and shrimp at cookine. Discontinue. Store raw TCS foods in a manner that prevents potential cross contact.

* Handling of Food & Ice

Comments: Chef handling cut onions with bare hands. Discontinue. Onions to be cooked.

*** Personnel w/ Infections Restricted/Excluded

Comments: Food handlers exposed to confirmed illness. Exlude until approved to return to work per BPHC.

*** Adequate Handwashing/Where/When/How

Comments: Cookline workers are not washing hands with proper frequency between changing gloves and tasks. Retrain staff in proper frequency of handwashing. When/where/how.

* Clean Cloths, Hair Restraint

Comments: Food workers without hair restraints. Provide.

* Non-Food Contact Surfaces

Comments: Provide splash guard at cookline handsink on left side near food storage.

* Wiping Cloths, Clean, Sanitize

Comments: Observed food worker wiping cutting board with a soiled wiping cloth. Discontinue. Immerse wiping cloths in approved sanitizer between uses.

* Clean Equipment & Utensils Storage

Comments: Cambro Drink dispeners being stored directly next to mop sink. Remove.

*** Location, Accessible

Comments: Handsink at cookline obstructed with containers of water Sink being used to fill pots with a hose attached remove. Maintain free access to handwashing facilities at all times. Handsinks are for handwashing only.

* Hand Cleaner, Drying, Tissue,Signage

Comments: No paper towel dispenser at cookline handsink. Provide. No signage at cookline handsink provide.

** Insects, Rodents, Animals

Comments: Flies present in kitchen. Rear door off kicthen wide open without screen. Provide updated IPM pest control report and provide screen or maintain door close.

*** PIC Performing Duties

Comments: CFPM not monitoring illness policy, cold holding temperatures, employee handwashing, seperation of raw TCS foods. Provide active managerial control as it is defined in the 2013 food code. 8-404.11 Imminent Health Hazard confirmed illness.

*** Non-Compliance w/Employee Health Policy

Comments: Manager in charge could not specifically answer questions as they relate to a required illness policy. Provide additional training for management in illness policy exclusion and restriction requirements.


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