Nu Flav Restaurant closed by Boston, MA Board of Health

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The Boston, MA board of health closed for Critical Health Code violations.

Nu Fav restaurant
1098 blue hill ave
Dorchester, MA. 02124

Rating: A

Inspection Date: 11/15/2018

Decription Status
*** Separation, Segregation,Cross Contamination

Comments: Inside refrigerator meats & vegetables stored together, separate to avoid cross contamination.

* Food Contact Surfaces Design

Comments: Food storage containers inside refrigerator cracked, replace. discontinue trash bags for storage of food, provide commercial grade food storage containrs.

* Test Kit Provided

Comments: No test kit, provide.

* 2 Wiping Cloths, Clean, Sanitize

Comments: Replace all soiled and worn wiping cloths used for wiping down surfaces.

** Food Contact Surfaces Clean

Comments: Replace heavily soiled grease at frialator. Pots have caked on grease, clean to remove visible soil. Prep table soiled, clean to remove visible soil.

* Non-Food Contact Surfaces Clean

Comments: Clean interior of refrigerator to remove spills visible soil.

* Non-Food Contact Surfaces Clean

Comments: Clean thick grease soil on all cooking and prep surfaces. Clean grease trap and attached surfaces to remove vsible grease soil.

* Installed and Maintained

Comments: Replace missing handle for cold water at hand wash sink.

* Outside Storage Improperly Maintained

Comments: Clean exterior grounds to remove wooden pallets and noninuse equipment.

** Insects, Rodents, Animals

Comments: Evidence of rat droppings at basement area ,below stairs, and through out wall baseboards at basement area. Provide a current intergrated pest control report. evidence of mice droppings on shelving near stairs.

* Improper Maintenance of Floors

Comments: Clean floor below and through out under, around and below all equipment inside kitchen.

* Improper Maintenance of Walls/Ceilings

Clean all ceiling tiles inside kitchen area to remove visible soil. Replace missing tile at seating area. Exhausthood filters soiled and attached pipes, clean to remove visibles

* Inadequate Lighting

Comments: Very dim inside kitchen area and service , replace all defective light bulbs.

* Premises Maintained

Comments: Remove clutter of empty boxes , non inuse equipment, from kitchen and basement area.

*** PIC Knowledge

Comments: Person in charge cannot answer cooking temperatures or refrigeration temperatures. Has no knowledgeable of employee illness policy.

*** PIC Performing Duties

Comments: No food safety certification for person in charge, provide.

*** M-2-103.11 PIC Performing Duties

Comments: Person in charge not performing duties, daily cleaning, ensuring pest control is done frequently.


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