Boston, MA Asian restaurant closed for food safety violations

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The Boston,, MA board of health has closed the following establishment.

China Bo
49 Warren St
ROXBURY, MA. 02119

Grade: A

Inspection Date: 11/30/2018

Decription Status
* Food Container Labels

Comments: properly label all bulk food bins

*** Cold Holding

Comments: hot line/spring rolls 81 degrees/provide proper temperature of 41 degrees or below/discarded by manager

* Food Protection

Comments: restroom/move all items 6 inches off floor

* Food Contact Surfaces Design

Comments: resurfaceclean/remove worn/stained cutting boards

* Dishwashng Facilities

Comments:  bay/provide 3rd drain plug

* Wiping Cloths, Clean, Sanitize

Comments: properly store wiping cloths in a sanitizing container

** Food Contact Surfaces Clean

Comments: clean/sanitize cutting boards/knives and tongs between use clean/sanitize rice cookers to remove heavy soils clean/sanitize all rice cooker containers

* Non-Food Contact Surfaces Clean

Comments: hot line/clean exterior of 2 door silver freezer clean interior/exterior of all reach in units to remove heavy built up soils hot line/clean all grated shelving to remove soils steamtable/clean all shelving to remove soils/remove stagnate water clean exterior of 1 door white freezer clean/exterior of bulk food bins rear storage room/clean all bulk food bins hot line/clean interior friolator cabinets and remove old oil clean interior/exterior of all cooking equipment to remove soils clean exterior tops of all reach in units/microwaves and storage shelving clean tops of all electrical boxes walk in/clean all heavy soils from grated shelving in unit

** Cross Connection,Back Siphonage, Backflow

Comments: red hose/provide back flow preventor to red hose

* Improper Cleaning of Receptacles

Comments: clean/interior/exterior of all waste barrels

** Insects, Rodents, Animals

Comments: rear storage room/remove evidence of rat droppings from floor and storage shelving front handsink between pepsi and coke reach ins/remove evidence of live roaches from under fry oil shelving and from under both units provide detailed up to date licensed extermination IPM report front register area/remove evidence of rodent droppings from silver shelving and top and interior of white cabinet and floor area under white cabinet steamtable/clean interior water bins to remove dead bugs

* Improper Maintenance of Floors

Comments: hot line/clean floor area under friolators and cooking line to remove heavy soils 2 door freezer/move unit and clean floor area register area/move all equipment and clean floor area to remove heavy soils

* Improper Maintenance of Walls/Ceilings

Comments: clean all wires and attachments from ceiling to remove dust hot line/clean interior of hood filters to remove grease build up repair hole in ceiling tile around pizza vent stack and seal/remove cardboard kitchen/register area/clean all light shelds to remove debris register area and customer section/clean walls to remove soils/under/around and behind all equipment

* Premises Maintained

Comments: rear storage room/clean/organize room/provide proper storage of employee clothing/remove all unnecessary items/organize walk ins/remove items stored above units rear storage room and old bathroom/remove old mop sink/handsink and toilet from old restroom/clean/organize both rooms/provide better/clear access to rooms storage shelving in kitchen/remove all unnecessary articles/clean organize storage room/kitchen/clean all attachments throughout to remove soils walk in/remove all milk crates for storage

*** PIC Performing Duties

Comments: manager states that beef patties purchased from stop and shop/purchase foods from licensed wholesaler/keep receipts 3 bay sink/manager must train staff on proper use and set up of 3 bay sink/sanitizing from 5 gallon container.

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