E. coli outbreak leaves 20 Kentuckians sickened or hospitalized

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, Louisville Courier Journal

At least 20 Kentuckians have been sickened or a strain of E. coli bacteria, but the source of the outbreak hasn’t been identified, the Kentucky Department for Public Health announced Friday.

Public health investigators suspect that some sort of food distribution is likely to blame for the sometimes life-threatening bacteria.

The cases involve both children and adults, many of whom reside in central Kentucky, the state said. No deaths linked to the outbreak have been reported but six people have been hospitalized.

State officials said health care providers across Kentucky have been notified of the outbreak and are advised to be alert for patients experiencing serious bouts of diarrhea, which could be associated with E. coli. The strain of E. coli involved (O103) produces a type of toxin (Shiga toxin) that can be dangerous for those infected.

“Exposure to E. coli bacteria can be debilitating and potentially life-threatening, especially for small children and individuals with weakened immune systems,” state health commissioner Dr. Jeff Howard said. “We encourage all Kentuckians to be aware of the signs and symptoms of E. coli illness and to seek care if they are ill.”

More: https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/2019/03/29/e-coli-outbreak-sickens-hospitalizes-many-kentucky/3314057002/

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